Monday, March 16, 2009

My Dying Hope

You used to be mine, but in my stupidity, we end up there. I regret those times, but I had nothing to do for it. I just hope and wait for you to come back. But yet I saw you with her. Right away I loose it all, I never bother to wait for you, I taught myself to forget you though it kills me so hard. From the time I saw myself contented of not having you in my life, destiny played me so bad. You came in my way again, begging for my help. With tears behind my eyes I accept your hand waiting for me to hold. From the day I started to ease your pain I know how much I would regret after all. But yet I never mind, as long as I could help you in any way.

We spend time together. And I found myself so happy with you. Days had past I realized again how much you mean to me, deeper than before. I also saw you so contented, never having a blot of pain anymore. I just think everything is so fine and forever be fine.

Tomorrow then, I am so happy seeing you. Wearing those smile came from your very heart. Then shocked me for those very long hug, then whisper me these:

“ Thank you for the help, I know you still love me, and I appreciate that very much. I know that when I am happy you’ll be very happy too,. And you know what, she call me last night, she wants me to be with her again, I am so happy that I can’t wait for this morning to see her again. But I’m here asking for your permission if you will allow me to be happy forever”.

Breaking myself into pieces, I answered you “yes” kissed me goodbye and walk away without seeing how much you kill me. Though that would be a forever wound.., I can take it even forever just to make you reach your forever happiness. I’ll just be here with my -Dying Hope-..


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