Thursday, June 11, 2009

Life is nothing more than a test, the hardest test that anyone can ever take. There is no studying or knowing the next question. Each question gets harder, but we must pass, we must push to the limit, if even sometimes on faith alone

We cannot beg someone to stay if they want to leave and be with someone else. We have to admit that love doesn't give us the license to own a person. This is what love means...sacrifice

A failing love is like desperately hanging on to something precious; not wanting to give up, but your hands feel the pain. And, when you finally let go, you're free from any pain, but your hands are empty

Don't ever Give up if you still want to Try, don't ever Wipe your Tears if you still want to Cry. Don't ever settle for an Answer if you still want to Know. Don't ever say you don't Love Him/Her if you can't let Him/Her go

Time goes by, life goes on, and all I can think of is why you're gone

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