Wednesday, June 25, 2008


H3 WouLd SaY,HoW FuNnY iT WiLL aLL S33m,ALL YoU'v3 GoN3 ThRoUgH,Wh3n I'm NoT H3r3 AnYmOr3,Wh3n YoU No F33L LoNg3r My ArMs ArOunD YoUr ShOuLd3Rs,NoR My H3arT B3n3aTh YoU,NoR ThIs MoUtH On YOUr 3y3s,B3cAuS3 i WiLL Go AwaY SoM3DaY,FaR AwAy...'AnD In ThaT InStAnT I CoULd F33L MyS3Lf WiTh HiM GoNe,DizZy WiTh F3aR SiNKinG DowN Th3 MosT HorRiBL3 BLaCkN3S:InTo DeatH

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