Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I tried and tried to fit in.But in the end, Id get rejected,Over and over again.I want the chance to get in,But in the end, Id get left in the rain.Is it wrong if I say I give up?Is it wrong if I say enough is enough?Cause no matter what I do,I couldnt be on the other side,The other side, with you.Everything I try,Id be left to cry,Left on the outside,Just left outside alone.

ppL WaLl By LiK3 i'm Not EvEn Th3r3 to Se3 Ev3ryOn3 So HaPpy BuT NoT M3 wHy MusT i Fe3l ThIs it wHy aNyOn3 TaLk To M3 wHy Do Th3y Hat3 i JusT WanT a Fri3nd ThaT i Can TalK To AnD Smil3 aT M3 BuT NoT EvEn ThaT i Can HaVe I WalK EnDLeSs Wond3r wHy I'm sTiLL aLive But I'm NoT i LooK aRoUnD To SeE DarKnEsS AroUnd M3 HoLding Me DoWn SoMeTiMe i HeAr VoiCe TeLLing Me I'm NoThing That No On3 wOULd LoVe Me ThaTs wHy Im aLoNe.Iz ThIs ReaL i DoNt KnOw AnY MoRe i CaN EvErY OnE LoOkin aT Me LiKe I Was WeiRd BuT I'm NoT I'm JusT LiKE YoU Guy BuT i GuEeSeD No OnE CaRe HoW i FeeL MaYbe ThIs Is My FaTe BuT i JusT WaNt A FrIenD ThAt I CaN HaVe FuN WitH In My Dr3am I HaVe SoMe OnE Who CaRe aBoUt Me But iF I Go BacK i wLL NeVEr Come AgaIn i DI3

GoD WiLL YoU L3T H3r KnOw ThAt I Lov3 H3r So Wh3n Th3r3`S no One3 Th3r3 ThaT Sh3`s NoT aLon3? JuSt cLos3 H3r 3y3S AnD L3T H3r KnOw My H3arT Is B3aTinG WitH H3rS

iF Love HurTs, WhY Do P3oPl3 Tak3 Th3 RisK? iF lov3 KiLLs, WhY RisK LoSiNg YoUr LiF3? iF Lov3 Is ALL ThaT WaItiNg..Th3n WhY InSiSt On SaYiNg, iT`s N3v3r To LaT3

On3 DaY YoU`LL Lov3 M3, Th3 WaY i Lov3d YoU.On3 DaY YoU`LL ThInK oF M3 ThE WaY i ThOuGhT oF YoU.On3 DaY YoU`LL CrY FoR M3 Th3 WaY i CrIeD FoR YoU.On3 DaY YoU`LL WaNt M3.BuT i WoN`t WaNt YoU.

I walk alone through life's dark night; you are my candle, my shining light

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