Tuesday, February 12, 2008

ppL WaLl By LiK3 i'm Not EvEn Th3r3 to Se3 Ev3ryOn3 So HaPpy BuT NoT M3 wHy MusT i Fe3l ThIs it wHy aNyOn3 TaLk To M3 wHy Do Th3y Hat3 i JusT WanT a Fri3nd ThaT i Can TalK To AnD Smil3 aT M3 BuT NoT EvEn ThaT i Can HaVe I WalK EnDLeSs Wond3r wHy I'm sTiLL aLive But I'm NoT i LooK aRoUnD To SeE DarKnEsS AroUnd M3 HoLding Me DoWn SoMeTiMe i HeAr VoiCe TeLLing Me I'm NoThing That No On3 wOULd LoVe Me ThaTs wHy Im aLoNe.Iz ThIs ReaL i DoNt KnOw AnY MoRe i CaN EvErY OnE LoOkin aT Me LiKe I Was WeiRd BuT I'm NoT I'm JusT LiKE YoU Guy BuT i GuEeSeD No OnE CaRe HoW i FeeL MaYbe ThIs Is My FaTe BuT i JusT WaNt A FrIenD ThAt I CaN HaVe FuN WitH In My Dr3am I HaVe SoMe OnE Who CaRe aBoUt Me But iF I Go BacK i wLL NeVEr Come AgaIn i DI3


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