Monday, March 16, 2009

ѕρσι|є∂ ρяιη¢єѕѕ

I can't forget what I felt for you cos it just doesn't go away. No matter how hard I try it seems I just can't move away. I'm caught along those false lines of so-called love.

Where a heart remains battered and broken in half. It hurts alot that you just walk away, And I'm left trying to pick up the pieces and find my own way. It hurts alot cos you don't really care, When you said "I love you" - it was just a way to ensnare..
Please don't treat me this way. For your sake, I agree with you money can buy love,but as for me, not the kind that truly warms your heart and soul.Every time I was pushed away from you, I wasnt afraid. Because it was like playing on a swing. Id push away, only to be drawn back to you twice as fast.I knew you were in control of [How Far] you pushed me..


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