Thursday, February 2, 2012

~i Love You But i HaTe YoU~

All the things you did, All the things you even said. Made me cry and almost wanna die...But i am not gonna let you do that to me. I tried to hold on tight but you put up those dirty walls. I had to try to fight to try and keep you in my life. I love you but I hate you..All these emotions inside my head. Some days I am fine thinking every things just great...Yet some days I break down and try to win a fight. I am always thinking of you, the memories we had. But the one I wanna forget is when you said goodbye. I want you back in my life..But yet again I want you to just be a friend. I love you but I hate you... All these emotions that you lead. Every night I cant go to sleep... Its hard for me to realize you'll never hold me again. And I always catch my self picking up my phone then putting it back down...Wanting to call you one last time! But I love you but I hate you.... 


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