Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I'm sTanDing Her3 aLon3 wHeRe YoU LeFt M3 i ThiNk I'Ve RuN OuT AgAin,RuN OuT oF ThInGs To SaY,THiNgS To Do,THInGs To THiNk AbOuT YoU AbOuT Me.i FiNd My SeLf QuIeT, wItH NoThIng LeFt To SaY I'Ve UsEd Up My WorDs,My THoUGhts,My FeeLiNgS, And NoW I'm sTaNdIng HeRe aLoNe wHeRe YoU LeFt Me WiTH NoThInG Me,wHiCh Is NoTHinG aT aLL..


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