Thursday, February 2, 2012

I miss what I can't have

I will always miss those beautiful brown eyes, your soft, sweet voice, and the way you called me baby, you mean so much to me you will never know.

I miss the times when you came to my house to watch movies and knowing that never again will I watch a movie with you holding me close brakes me heart and never again will I feel your touch, never again will I get to hear those words I love you out of your mouth at least not directed to me.

Never again will I see that smile that made me whole day better, anytime I was on the phone with you I was smiling, just knowing that I would see you or talk to you made everything better.

I know you weren't like the rest of the girls I knew, I knew you were sweet, funny and that you would love me no matter what, I knew your love was true, and I miss that love that you had for me i am sorry I had to fu*k it all up! I'm gonna miss the way you smell and I know that never again will I have you to hold and never again will you be mine...


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